Adams County Trails Closed for the Season


 All of Adams Snowmobile trails are closed for the season. Thank you to all of the hard working volunteers that made the season one of the best in years.

A big thank you to all of the land owners for allowing us to use their land to enjoy our sport.



The Adams County Parks department will issue the official opening and closing of trails as well as conditions. You can watch their web page or call the trails hotline at 608-339-4230. We will share those notifications as soon as we get them. GG

 Watch this site and the Adams County Parks web page for official opening and closing of trails. The Adams County Parks trail condition number is at the end of this page. 

                                   Please follow the signage and stay on the trail. Do not trespass.

Please check this site or call the Adams County Parks Department for the latest conditions. 608-339-4230


 Adams County Trail Map

 Wood County Trail Map

 Wisconsin Snow Conditions

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