Club Rides are held on Wednesday's and Saturday's provided trails are open. We leave from Trails End at 10:00am. Destination is decided the morning of the ride. We generally pick a destination for a lunch stop. 










Club Picnic- August 11th- Trails End Bar and Grill




Sno-Bandit Trail Brushing and Chili Dump- November 10th

 First: We will all meet in the morning to go out to brush and sign our trails. We normally have 50+ members who come out to help so nobody gets over worked. We will meet at the GROOMER SHED at 302 13th Ave off of Alpine at 8:00am. Bring gloves and any trimming equipment you might have. (Lobber shears, chain saw, pole saw..etc) If you have any questions on this contact our Trail Boss Larry @414-587-6833. We have Section Leaders for the various portions of our trail system. We will split up into groups to go out and brush and sign each section. Because of the awesome number of volunteers we get, this task can get completed in 3-4 hours. If you have any equipment that might help us out with the trail brushing and would like to volunteer your services please contact Larry. 

Second: As we complete the work we all meet at the Rome Town Hall. There a group of volunteers have set up the hall for our Chili Dump festivities. For those of you that have never been to a Chili Dump, We have everyone bring a half gallon or so of chili and mixed it all together in a Nesco. It turns out awesome!! Members also bring so many other goodies to go along with the chili. YUM!!! The club will provide soda, beer, and wine.

Third: We will also have our November meeting during this time. We will have raffles and some door prizes as well.

So……How can YOU get involved?

1.      Volunteer and help with Trail Brushing.

2.      Volunteer and help with the Chili Dump at the Town Hall.

3.      Bring some chili that morning to either the Groomer Shed the Town Hall.

4.      Bring a snack, bread, dessert or your favorite anything to the chili dump.

This event has turned into a Sno-Bandit tradition to kick off the snowmobiling season. Mark your calendar. Come on out and join in all of the fun….and a little work. Great way to meet a bunch of your fellow Sno-Bandits!!! If you have any questions about the event call us at 715-325-6711 or email us at